Which Flowers Can Be Started From Seed Indoors

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Marigolds' vivid yellow, orange, and red blossoms are irresistible. Luckily, this is a good annual. Marigold seeds can be planted straight in the garden after the last frost. Indoor seeds should be sown 1/8 inch deep.   

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Bachelor's button, a lovely annual in blue, pink, and purple, thrives in hot, dry conditions. The flowers make great cut- and dried-flower bouquets. Plant seeds one-eighth inch deep and expect sprouts in one to three weeks.  

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Bachelor's Button

The fast-growing castor bean plant can develop from a seed to 10 feet by season's end, even in northern Zones. Start the seed one-half inch deep in indoor pots six to eight weeks before the final spring frost date.  

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Castor Bean

Cleome or spider flower, a cottage-garden favorite, has fragrant white, pink, magenta, and purple blossoms. It's so simple it starts itself! It self-seeds continually in many flower beds.  

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Cosmos are a must-have annual for sunny cottage gardens with ferny foliage and daisy-like flowers in pink, magenta, white, yellow, and orange. This plant thrives in hot, dry conditions, making it excellent for low-maintenance landscapes.  

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Purple hyacinth bean, a beautiful but neglected annual vine, is easy to grow. Grow it in the sun and give it a robust climbing support. Its fragrant, pea-like, rose-purple blossoms can cover a trellis in one season.   

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Purple Hyacinth Bean

Larkspur's blue, lavender, pink, or white blossoms brighten spring and fall gardens. This garden gem often self-seeds and returns annually. Sprinkle larkspur seeds in the garden in late winter or early spring for easy growth.   

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Morning glory is one of the beautiful vines with blue, pink, white, and red flowers. The flowers close by noon, especially in hot weather, hence its common name.   

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Morning Glory 

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