Top 10 Old Fashioned Flowers for Your Garden

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Foxglove, a biennial or short-lived perennial, self-sows and blooms the season after planting. By leaving spent flower spires in situ, you can expect a fresh harvest of foxgloves each spring. The colorful Excelsior hybrids cut well.  

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The cornflower, or old-fashioned charmer, lasts long when cut and retains its color when dried. Bachelor's button grows best in full light and is blue, pink, red, white, and purple. Though annual, it self-seeds, so allow volunteers each summer.  

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Bachelor’s Button

Annual, perennial, and biennial cultivars of these delicate flowers thrive in wet soil and full sun to light shade. Late spring and early summer bring bell-shaped flowers in blue, purple, and white.   

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In late spring, this shade-tolerant shrub blooms with rose pink and creamy white pendants. Plant bleeding heart toward the back of a border, where later-blooming flowers can hide the dying foliage, as it goes dormant by July.  

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Bleeding Heart

Columbine, a popular wildflower, attracts hummingbirds with its unique blossom shape. The 8- to 3-foot-tall plants bloom red, yellow, blue, purple, and white.  

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Among the earliest cultivated flowers, dianthus is valued for its delicate petals, pleasant perfume, and abundant spring and summer blooms. Dianthus grows 4–36 inches tall in full light.  

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Spring brings dense clusters of colorful, fragrant blooms on tiny bright-green plants that grow only 8 inches high. This lovely primrose prefers moderate shade, although it can survive full sun in moist soil.  

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English Primrose

On 8-foot stems, these classic favorites bloom vividly colored single or double blossoms. Hollyhock is a biennial plant that produces foliage on short stems in the first year but flowers in the following year. Remember to plan.  

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You can choose from hundreds of peony hybrids in different sizes and hues. The herbaceous peony dies in fall and returns in spring. Stakes or rings can prevent the plant from toppling over due to its abundance of fragrant old-fashioned blossoms.  

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Easily grown, fragrant sweet pea produces old-fashioned blossoms for cutting all season. Sweet pea, like vegetable garden peas, loves spring and early summer when temperatures are cooler, dropping in July and August.   

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Sweet Pea

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