New England Aster Care and Growing Tip

New England aster attracts butterflies and bees. How to grow this lovely flower in your backyard.  

These pinkish-purple daisylike flowers stand out in any garden! New England aster thrives in full sun and moist soil in most of the US and Canada.        

How to Care for New England Aster



Growing New England aster is easy. It tolerates clay soil and protects against deer and rabbits. With that said, gardeners should watch for several    

illnesses that could damage New England aster. Powdery mildew and aster yellows disease can also damage coneflowers. Growing aster in a butterfly garden is recommended.    

New England aster is ideal for fall pollinator gardens. Its vivid blossoms attract pollinators and host pearl crescent and checkerspot butterflies.          

Benefits of Growing New England Aster



Since butterflies and moths that don't migrate need nectar until the first frost, the blossoms help them. Purple blossoms are also ideal for cutting gardens.    


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