How To Use Compost In Your Garden & Flowerbeds – 5 Great Ways To Utilize Compost!

The topic of this week's how-to garden article and podcast is efficient composting in your garden. Fantastic things happen in the garden when compost is used.

1. When You Plant

With good cause, this is at the top of the list!  Using compost in the planting holes of young transplants and seeds is the best way to ensure a successful start.

2. To Make Your Own Incredible Potting Soil  

To achieve both cost savings and explosive growth in your potted plants and hanging baskets, mastering the art of composting is essential!   

We use a basic combination of ingredients to create all of our own potting soil. Worm castings, perlite, four parts topsoil, and four parts compost are what we utilize.

3. To Make Compost Tea 

The "black liquid gold" or compost tea is a completely organic "miracle-growing" remedy. That is, if your soil doesn't include the heavy salt content and toxins that come with commercial fertilizers. 

4. As A Mulch

Using compost as a mulch around your plants is really fantastic! We surround each and every one of our annual plants with an inch or two of compost.

5. As A Fall Or Spring Top Dressing:

You may use compost as a great annual top-dressing for your garden beds if you produce enough of it.  


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