How To Thin Seed Crops – And Why It’s So Important For Your Plants!

It turns out that one of the hardest things a gardener has to do is also one of the simplest.

1. Problems With Improper Seed Spacing

Numerous problems might arise when plants are grown too closely to one another. Initially, the plants will have to fight with one another for the essential minerals and nutrients in the soil.

2. What Does It Mean To Thin Seeds?

Thinning is the process of removing unwanted plants so the minimum spacing can be achieved. When seedlings are very small, you can thin them by simply pulling up unwanted plants. 

3. What Is Proper Seed Spacing

When it comes time to plant seeds in your garden, you have to take into consideration the mature size of whatever plant you are growing. 

4. Thinning By Pulling Seed Crops

Sometimes, you can merely use your fingers to lift a younger seedling out of the ground or container. For seeds started indoors in containers, this works best.  

5. What To Do With The Thinned Seedlings

You can incorporate certain edible seedlings into stir-fries, salads, and soups. These little plants are known as "microgreens."  

6. Thinning By Cutting Seed Crops

It could be best to hold off on thinning seedlings until after they have produced one or two true sets of leaves. 


Although some gardeners may find it challenging, thinning seed crops is essential to the success of your developing plants. 


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