How To Plant & Grow New Potatoes – Harvest Baby Potatoes This Summer!

The taste and texture of young potatoes grown in your own garden simply cannot be compared to store-bought varieties.

1. Varieties of New Potatoes 

Root vegetables that belong to the nightshade family include potatoes. Though seed potatoes come in more than a hundred varieties, it's important to select one that thrives in your region. 

2. Choosing The Right Planting Time Frame

Since potatoes can withstand almost any climate in the US, you can usually plant them as soon as the ground is suitable for planting. 

3. Prepping The Seed Potatoes 

It's advisable to delay planting your seed potatoes as soon as you get them. Give the potatoes a week or two in the sun and air to allow the eyes to somewhat sprout.

4. Planting Seed Potatoes

The best spots for newly planted potatoes are in the trenches that, as the growing season goes on, will become mounds. Dig a ditch that is eight to ten inches deep.  

5. Hilling Potatoes 

A potato plant will develop many leaves above the soil level in addition to a main stalk as it grows. Tubers along another stem will form below the soil's surface. 

6. Watering 

Plants should receive one to two inches of water per week as they begin to grow. You will have to hand-water if the amount of rainfall is less than that. 

7. Harvesting New Potatoes

About two weeks after their foliage finishes developing, baby potatoes can be harvested. Usually, this happens three months after planting. 


Nothing compares to sowing, nurturing, and gathering your own fresh, flavorful potato crop.


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