How To Harden Off Plants – Why Hardening Off Is A Must For Young Transplants!

This week’s podcast and corresponding article are about how to harden off your vegetable and flower plants, and why it is so important to do so for gardening success!

Why To Harden Off Vegetable Plants


For many gardeners, hardening off vegetable and flower transplants is one of the most confusing topics of all. And yet, it can be the difference between sweet success, and total failure.

The Comforts Of Indoor Life 


Indoor environments have a consistent, comfortable temperature and the ideal quantity of lighting. They have also had the ideal amount of food due to their excellent soil. 

How To Harden Off Vegetable Plant


It takes time for plants to acclimate to the sunlight, wind, and fluctuations in temperature found in the open air. 

Allowing Time For Home Grown Plants To Adjust


The good news is that growing larger and healthier plants before planting day can be achieved with a little more natural outside "adjusting" time for home-raised plants.

How To Harden Off Plants 


What about plants that you buy in stores, like flowers and vegetables? The hardening off process is somewhat less involved—but still crucial—for plants that are purchased from stores. 


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