How To Grow Strawberries In Your Backyard – The Simple Secrets To A Great Harvest!

The topic of this week's how-to garden article and podcast is cultivating your own strawberries in your backyard, whether you choose to plant in raised beds, conventional gardens.

The Ease of Growing Strawberries


The fact that strawberries are a perennial crop is one of the best things about cultivating them. In contrast to vegetable garden plants, which require replanting every growing season.

June Bearing


Strawberries yielding June get their name because, in most regions, they produce almost all of their harvest in June or shortly thereafter. 

Everbearing Strawberries


Everbearing strawberries, in contrast to June bearing varieties, grow fruit all summer long. For their first crop, everbearing will flower in late spring at the same time as June bearers. 

Preparing The Soil


Rich, nutrient-rich soil that drains easily is ideal for strawberry growth. Since strawberries grow year-round, you must first adjust the soil before planting.

Using Landscape Fabric


A weed barrier made of landscape cloth or black plastic can help keep competitive weeds out. Additionally, it will keep the berries from rotting when they come into contact with soil.

Winter Care


Move pots out of extremely cold weather and into an unheated garage, barn, or basement. Permit the plants to enter dormancy.


Choose the variety of strawberry that will grow best for your needs before planting. While June bearing may yield a big crop all at once,.


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