How To Grow Annual Flowers From Seed – 4 Beautiful Annuals That Grow Fast!

There’s no doubt about it – there’s just something so rewarding about directly sowing seeds into the soil and seeing beautiful annual flowers start to emerge and grow!

1. Marigolds – Great Annual Flowers To Grow From Seed

It's likely that you've heard of marigolds before. In addition to being stunning to look at, these blooms make excellent companion plants for a wide variety of vegetables.

2. Planting Marigolds

Fertile, well-draining soil is necessary for marigold cultivation. They can be sown as soon as your risk of frost has passed.

3. Maintaining Marigolds

Approximately one inch of water per week, from hand watering or rainfall, is required for marigolds. Water the plant in the early morning and at its base. 

4. Zinnias – Great Annual Flowers To Grow From Seed

Of all flowers, zinnias are actually among the simplest to grow from seed. They look fantastic added to flowerbeds, bordering pathways, or anyplace you might use a little more color and height.

5. Planting Zinnias

Rich, nutritious soil that drains properly is necessary for growing zincnias. One of the best ways to improve the organic matter and support zinnia growth is to add lots of compost.  

6. Maintaining Zinnias

As overwatering zinnias might be problematic, only water young seedlings until the soil is completely dry. Only water after establishment in the event of a protracted dry period.

7. Cosmos – Great Annual Flowers To Grow From Seed

Do you have a spot where you'd love to grow flowers but the soil isn't the best quality? Cosmos flowers are the solution for you then! 

8. Planting Cosmos

Cosmos seeds can be directly sown as soon as your area's risk of frost has gone. But once the soil reaches 60° F (° C), that's when they'll flourish at their best.

9. Maintaining Cosmos

It should take seven to ten days for seeds to germinate. Plant a slender stand of seedlings every foot or so until they reach a height of a few inches. After planting.


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