Grow Colorful and Edible Ornamental Flowering Kale

To make your fall and winter garden more beautiful, plant decorative flowering kale. Indeed, you are able to consume these vegetable plants!  

It's time to bid adieu to annuals that are beginning to show signs of wear and tear as cooler weather approaches. The good news is that you can keep your container full of late-season beauties.        

Care and Growing Tip



In late summer and early fall, ornamental kale plants can also be found at most nurseries; try to buy them in 1-gallon containers as this vegetable does not take well to smaller containers.        

When to Plant Ornamental Flowering Kale



Start sprouting kale from seed indoors in early July to create the most beautiful fall container arrangements. Plant outside when August arrives and keep an eye out for the fall foliage!    

You can consume this variety of kale. The vibrant portion of the kale plant is its delicious leaf rather than a blossom. But it's most commonly utilized in pots and as an annual decorative groundcover.          

Is Ornamental Flowering Kale Edible?



This type of kale is safe to eat. Rather than a bloom, the colorful part of the kale plant is its wonderful leaf. However, it's most frequently used as an annual decorative groundcover and in pots.    


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