Flower Power: The Surprising Healing Benefits of Flowers

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In the 1960s and 1970s, “flower power” chanters may have been right. Numerous studies from top universities have shown that having flowers at home improves health.   

Happy and productive employees are important to staying competitive in today's business culture. With fluctuating unemployment, consumer confidence, and other economic considerations, this is tough.  

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Increase creativity, innovation, and productivity 

Since our fast-paced lifestyles are exhausting, most individuals are looking for ways to relax and unwind. Flowers boost happiness and life satisfaction, according to Rutgers University research.   

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Positive effect on mood and emotions 

Sharing flowers has always been a terrific way to show someone you care and create relationships. Studies demonstrate that giving/receiving flowers and just having them helps build relationships.   

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Increased emotional connections 

Man has always been drawn to nature because it comforts. Flowers are the perfect way to bring nature indoors. Flowers and plants inside give humidity to the air, especially in winter.   

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Boost sense of comfort 

Plants and flowers are brainfood! Both oxygenate the air, which boosts brain cells and improves memory, clarity, and focus. Flowers can help improve energy and lift the morning blues, according to research.  

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Increase energy and improve memory 

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