8 Flowering Plants That Hummingbirds Don’t Like

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Do hummingbirds like roses? No, say our Field Editors. Hummers avoid roses and other huge blooms. Instead, they visit delicate blooms like lilacs. I assume their short beaks make drinking from smaller objects easier.   

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I can't say I've ever seen hummingbirds on the purple coneflowers, black-eyed Susans, daylilies, or astilbe."  

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Black-Eyed Susan

“During warmer months, few hummingbirds visit. They never seem interested in my iris flowers. Field Editor Lori Burdette-Bowers says she had never seen a hummingbird in her years of gardening.  

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Robin Evans, Field Editor, says, "I have hundreds of daylilies and have never seen a hummer at them." Canna lilies are a better plant to grow if you want to draw hummingbirds.  

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Coneflowers attract butterflies and songbirds, but do hummingbirds like them? Like others, I've never seen hummingbirds eat echinacaea (coneflower), daylilies, or roses.   

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“In 50 years of gardening, I have never seen hummingbirds eat sedum. This year, the gardens featured five varieties—pink, purple, yellow, and ground covers reaching over 3 feet tall—yet no hummingbirds visited any of them, says Field Editor Keith Golden.   

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The Shasta daisies look great, but they don't attract anything to my yard. Hummingbirds fly around them to other objects. “  

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Shasta Daisie

“We have a large bed of oriental poppies and have never seen the hummers visit them,” adds Field Editor Sue Gronholz. Native plants may attract pollinators better.  

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Oriental Poppie

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